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Complete your identity, define your style, and embrace the free spirit. You are now a (hell of) a MO!

Public MO was to brought to life by our passion for quality, originality and inner power. Its creator grew up on the streets of Brașov – Transylvania, in a neighborhood where friendship, unity and the love for outdoor sports gathered together boys and girls deeply in love especially with skateboarding.
MO stands for MOvement, MOtivation and MOdernity. We wanted our clothing to be both bold and casual, comfortable but in the same time to speak for itself. MO culture doesn’t have a nationality or a country, because it’s a state of mind. It’s about positivity, hope and power to rise and start over again and again, anytime life hits you. One who wears Public MO embraces its full of life state, energy and confidence. Because MO always sees the full half of the cup and knows he can handle anything, one way or another. We practically put the MO in Motivation.
This is why Public Mo. is a project developed for the global retailing market, suited for both boys and girls, whether they are from US or Europe, Australia or South America.
By choosing the Public MO products, you are choosing quality. Our T-shirts are made out of one of the best fabrics, washing resistant. They don’t change shape or color intensity, and the printings last in time. The premium cotton fibres offer a nice and comfortable feeling for the entire day.

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